Tuesday, April 23, 2019


A Nasty Comment

   by Reb Gutman Locks
     A Nasty Comment


To my video; Why Don't Jews Convert to christianity? 

     He wrote: "We all know the answer to the answer to that. You rejected God for ages for your own self-satisfaction, and you were expelled from your own lands and had your temple destroyed."

     Gutman answered; And we all know that the Prophets said that before the End Days Hashem would bring us back to our Land, and we all know that this is happening right now. And you and those like you who worship a man/god, or any other idol will be excluded from the days of the Redemption. You better change before it is too late. 


  1. Xtianity developed to become the worship of the opposite of the G-d of the entire world of creation. This has been proven by the (divine) fire that (nearly) destroyed the edifice in France.

  2. Believe there are those who like to push the buttons and ask why Jews don't convert, c'v, to their avodah zorah, that's because they are really questioning why they themselves believe in this avodah zorah and might really deep down want answers to learn the truth. Kinah and sinah push them.


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