Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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Torah Reading Meditation?

   by Reb GutmanLocks
     Torah Reading Meditation?

Dear Reb Locks,

     Your videos and books recently helped finally free me from eastern meditation practices.  I noticed during the Torah reading on Saturday morning at Shul, some of the readers chant in a way that puts me in a very cheerful and peaceful state that lasted most of the day. I could almost feel the internal vibration throughout my body, particularly if the reader had a deep smooth voice.

     On the Chabad website, they have Torah recordings. Is it acceptable to listen to these concurrently with the weekly parsha while sitting with eyes closed, relaxed and breathing naturally deep inside? 

     I just want to make sure I am not going down the wrong path again.

Thank you kindly,


Gutman's reply;

     It is fine, but obviously not on Shabbos.

    Just be careful that you do not replace the words and understand their meanings with a good feeling.

Be well


Jeff's reply;

     I understand. I am glad I asked. Thank you very much.


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  1. Something like keva/kevanah. I find the structure integral to the spontaneous moments of sublime in our services. Not just that but how much it depends on others in the service. Hearing an individuals voice who's really in the moment or spontaneous harmony or the sun breaks the clouds and the ambient light level changes and suddenly you are there. Beautiful structure has solid but often unseen foundations?


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