Tuesday, March 19, 2019



   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     A response to my reply to a class's question on same sex relationships.

     The young student wrote: "It was very interesting to hear what he had to say about homosexuality. Normally, if a guest speaker has to touch on the subject of homosexuality, they are either supportive of it or they try to respectfully explain that it is not technically considered acceptable in their religion. This speaker (Gutman), however did not pull punches when he answered questions about homosexuality. He said that it was a disease and talked about how the Torah says that homosexuality was a capital offense. I had never heard such extreme opinions being expressed without any concern for politeness or finesse. It was very memorable."


My Response:

     Besides terrorism, homosexuality is the one of the greatest problems in the world today. What is so wrong with it now is that it is becoming acceptable by the main streams of society. One of the Seven Commandments of Noah forbids all mankind from such behavior.

    Today, the wonderful path of the Righteous Gentile, the Children of Noah, holds the hope for the gentiles of the world. It is a vibrant growing movement, but if homosexuality becomes accepted, the Seven Commandments will be rejected.

     I put tefillin on a young man at the Kotel the other day, and as usual I told him to marry only a Jewish girl … and he left. A few minutes later he returned and said, "I won't see you again so I can ask you this question. What if I tell you that I do not want to marry a Jewish girl, that I want to marry a man?"

     I said, "Homosexuality is a disease. Jewish mysticism teaches that a man wasting his seed is worse than a murderer. A murderer kills someone else's children. The man wasting his seed is killing his own. Hashem gave us that tool to make children."

     He said, "We can have families."

     I said, "Those are not your children. They are the children of the ones who gave them their lives."

     He said, "Well, we will have to agree that we disagree on this."

     I said, "You are not disagreeing with me. You are disagreeing with G-d."

     He walked away.

     Thousands of years ago the most fertile land in Israel was the area around the city of Sodom. It was so rich that Avraham's nephew Lot chose to live there despite the evil reputation of its inhabitants. A few years after Lot went there Hashem destroyed that fertile land, its cities and its sea. Hashem turned it into a barren land, its water was turned into salt. To this day it is barren. Its lake became the Salt Sea… the Dead Sea.    

     What were their horrible sins? The most obvious one is that the world's word for homosexual acts was given their name. Sodom's name to this day refers to sexual acts that cannot bring children into the world.

     Hashem wants us to be fruitful… to make families, not to have mere animal relationships.



  1. Not only was Sodom destroyed, but H' destroyed the world with the Flood in the time of Noach because the straw that broke the camel's back was when they started to write marriage contracts for same-sex marriages. As our Sages tell us, H' said (so to speak) 'that does it', I'm sorry I created man' and He decided to destroy the earth with the flood and left the one family who was righteous to start the new world after the flood. Rachamim!


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