Sunday, March 10, 2019

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Making Decisions

 by Reb Gutman Locks   

Making Decisions


     A young, non-Jewish tourist from Canada came up to me at my Kotel tefillin cart and started a conversation. I quickly turned the conversation to Hashem, and explained how Hashem is One and Infinite. He liked what I told him, and he wanted to learn more.

     He said: "I like to seek wisdom. Please tell me, what is the proper way to make decisions."  

     I told him, "Try to look and see where your choices will lead. Our animal inclination looks only at the moment. It wants whatever it wants now and it does not look to the consequences of its choices.

     It's like if you say to a little boy, 'I will buy you any treat in the food store that you want.' The boy looks at all the packages and which one will he choose? He will choose the one with the funniest or nicest drawing on the package. He won't look at the ingredients, not at all.

     And this is what young men do when they choose a girl to marry. They look at the package… which one is more beautiful, and they do not look at the ingredients. Will she give me a peaceful home? Will she be a good mother to our children? Is she kind and cooperative? Just like the little boy in the food store, the older boys look only to see if the treat has a nice package."

     I could see that he appreciated the information and he walked away feeling that his visit to the Kotel was a valuable experience.

     We can't put tefillin on them but we certainly can show them some light.



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