Sunday, March 17, 2019

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Lost & Found

    by Reb Gutman Locks   
       Lost & Found


    He and his sons were visiting Israel from New York. When I asked him to put on tefillin he refused. He shook his head saying he was not going to do it and he moved away from me. Then he pointed to his younger son and said, It's his Bar Mitzvah. It felt more like, 'Get him instead of me.'

     I asked if his mother is Jewish.

    The father said, "Of course she is."

    I had the father bless his son, and to add what he wanted for him. Then I put tefillin on the boy.    

     The other son walked over, and I had the father bless him, and I put tefillin on the boy. The father walked away to stand by his tour guide looking for help to avoid putting on tefillin. I tried to get him to cooperate, but he refused again.

     I said, "If you want the boys to marry Jewish girls then you have to do Jewish things with them. If they see you running away from Jewish things they are going to run away too. He refused.

     Again I said, "If you want your boys to have Jewish families, you cannot run away from doing Jewish things with them. I pulled his arm and he gave in.

     They read the Shema in English and I walked them over to the Kotel and explained that fulfilling a commandment, especially at the Kotel, opens a spiritual opportunity. I showed them how to pray for their family, and for the Jews in danger… and to say thank You to Hashem. They stood close to the Kotel praying silently for a long time. After their personal prayers they took a lot of pictures. They were smiling, really enjoying the mitzvah.   

     When they came back, I explained to the boys why they had to marry only a girl whose mother is Jewish. I asked the father if it was a positive experience. He said, "Thank you very much. It was good."

     It is so important to help Jews to understand why they must live Jewish lives. Today the reports say that the vast majority of non-religious Jews in America do not even identify themselves as being Jews! Four thousand years of Jewish families surviving… only to be lost because of indifference.

     We are obligated to return a lost object to its owner. Bring a Jew home for Shabbos dinner. You could be saving a precious family.  


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  1. The mitzvah you do at the Kotel is even more important than you can imagine; literally, saving Jewish neshamot. It is truly the lowest period in Jewish history when so many Jews got lost in the wilderness of today's society's so-called 'freedoms'. H' bless you for all you do for the Bnai Yisrael.


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