Thursday, March 07, 2019

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Children of Noah

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     Lowell wrote that the internet was not a good place to teach gentiles about the Seven Commandments of Noah.

Troy wrote an answer to Lowell;

     I live in Corbin Ky. I am a bnei Noach observant of my Sheva mitzvot. Rabbi Gutman Locks' video "Answers to a Pastor" Answers to a Pastor  is the main reason why I left the avodah zarah of yoshke. Majority of millennial and gen z are heavily influenced by such honesty. So please Lowell use this platform as a holy way to teach me, a gentile about the holy Torah (Seven Noahide Laws) for I know G-d is with you. Thank you again rabbi Locks for your videos that helped me connect to HaShem.

Gutman's response;

     Thank you for coming back to what Hashem made you, a son of the righteous Noah. You are blessed to be in a position to help many others come to the path of the righteous gentile, too. Be well.

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  1. I became frum many years ago. My mother is Jewish from birth. My father was a non- practicing Greek Orthodox Catholic. I became frum. He became a ben Noach. If you had told me that 20 years from now your father will change I would have said you were crazy.
    He adored Vendyl Jones of blessed memory. He did for Jews many mitzvos to help them out etc..He loved Hashem as I'm sure in Shemayim he does, too!
    I cannot wait for the day when Hashem's voice is heard and all of the nations of the world will realize who their Father is. May this day come very speedily and soon.
    Shabbat shalom and Chodesh tov.


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