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by Aharon Rubin at Mystical Paths


Purim is the time to connect with the Hidden Light of creation, the light of Ein Sof, the Divinity that lies concealed beneath the veils of materiality. This is alluded to in an acronym of ְמגלת אסתר Megillath Esther (the Scroll of Esther that is read on Purim). The letters, מגלה megilloh ‘scroll’, also spell מגלה megaleh –‘to reveal’. Thus, in a play on words, ְMegilath Esther is seen by the Chassidic Masters as making: - ְמגלת א' סתר megillath alef sether – ‘revelation of the hidden Alef(or Aluf), i.e., the ‘revelation of G-d, the concealed One’. As Yishayo said (45:15), ‘You are surely G-d Who conceals Himself’. He is One within the hiddenness.
The revelation of G-d in the deep darkness is the light of Moshiach: הוי"ה בחשך Havayoh bachoshech ‘G-d in darkness’ is gematrioh ‘Moshiach’. This hidden Light was revealed in the story of Purim as G-d was seen to work through hap-chance lotteries and seemingly unrelated events: – נחש nochosh snake, or nichush divination – is gematriah מקרה אחד miqro echod ‘happening of [the] one’, which is gematrioh ‘Moshiach’.
אור גנוז א-להים ohr gonuz Eloqim‘G-d's hidden light’ is gematriah ‘Moshiach’. This is the light secreted within the Megilloh and in the festival of Purim. This holy light is revealed again, each year, through the reading of the Megilloh and through performing the associated mitsvoth of joy in giving to others: מצות מגלה mitsvoth megiloh ‘the mitsvoth of the megiloh’ is gematriah גלוי אור משיח giluy ohr moshiach ‘revelation of the light of Moshiach’.
This is the secret of the custom of drinking (a little more than usual), as the Talmud (Eiruvin 65a) says, ‘Wine comes in, the secret leaves’. The ‘secret’ is the Hidden Light of the Master of the world. רז roz - ‘secret’ is gematriah: אור ohr – ‘light’, gematriah: ֲאדון עולם Adon olom – Master of the universe, which is gematriah: ֵאין סוף Ein Sof – the Infinite One!
The core emotions of Chanukoh and Purim are enduring faith and gratitude, the inner energies of the two sefiroth: netsach and hod. Faith and gratitude brings down the light of prophecy, which is the Light of Moshiach. This light is revealed by the menorah on Chanukoh and the mitsvoth on Purim: חנוכה פורים Chanukoh Purim is gematrioh משיח בן דוד Moshiach ben Dovid.
First, attend most carefully to the two readings of the Megilloh, night and day. Realise that whatever is being read is happening now in the spiritual worlds. Next, when you give gifts, see yourself as an extension of the Al-mighty. Lose yourself in the giving! Be grateful to G-d, and to the receiver, for affording you the opportunity of giving.
If you drink wine, take care not to get drunk. Rather, the kabbalists advise that we allow ourselves to become ‘sweetened’. Our intent is to lose the false, outer façade and to let the inner truth, our yearnings for G-d and redemption of the Shechinoh, come to the surface.


From Eye to the Infinite 


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