Sunday, February 24, 2019

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Spiritual Practices

   by Reb Gutman Locks  


Allen wants to know:

     Do you have any instructions on meditation, Kabbalah spiritual practices?


Gutman writes:

     First, we cannot expect Hashem to do what we want Him to do, if we do not do what He wants us to do. This means living a life of Torah and Mitzvahs.

     Next, meditation can bring physical results such as lower blood pressure, and it can also bring improved spiritual awareness depending on the technique you use.

      To receive the physical benefits, choose a subject, focus on it… when the mind goes off the subject gently bring it back to that subject over and over again.

     To attain our spiritual goals, try doing what King Dovid said to do:

     "Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courtyards with praise."

     This still applies to us today.

     Thank Hashem over and over again. This brings us through His outer gates. Then, think of how great Hashem really is. Think of all the wonderous things about Hashem that you can. This brings us even closer, into His very courtyards.

     When we succeed with these, we will want even more. We will yearn to see His very Presence. King Dovid asked, "How long will You hide Your Face from me?"

     "Hashem's Face" is a metaphor for the revelation of His Presence. This most wonderous experience is revealed only from the Higher to the lower. We have to do whatever we can to open all these gates, but this highest, most mystical experience happens only when G-d chooses. This means that when we please Him, He will open this most holy door for a moment.



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