Thursday, February 07, 2019

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Fear vs Love

   by Reb Gutman Locks  


     The Talmud tell us when we repent out of fear, our willful sins will be transformed into inadvertent sins, and when we repent out of love those willful sins will be transformed into merits.

     First, what is repenting out of fear? When we turn from our sins because we know that Hashem will punish us if we do them, then we are turning because we fear that punishment.

     This is true repentance, but it is lower level repentance. Even if we repent due to fear of retribution, our willful sins will be transformed into accidental sins and the punishment for accidental sins is much lighter than for willful sins.

     But, when we realize that doing those sins transgresses the wishes of our loving Father, our Creator Who cares for our wellbeing, and we turn from those sins so we do not go against our Father's wishes, then we are repenting not because we are afraid of punishment, but because of our love for our Heavenly Father. This is higher level repentance, and the result is that our willful sins will be transformed into merit.

     How can a sin be looked upon as merit? When a sin brings us to loving G-d, and expressing our love by fulfilling His will, then that sin will be considered to have been for the good.




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