Tuesday, February 19, 2019


An Idolater Complains

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


      A Hindu was very unhappy with my video Jewish Meditation Explained. (link)

     He wrote: "The whole point [of the video] was focused more on making fun of Hindus (referred to as idolaters) instead of meditation. You've just generalized all the eastern practices as idolaters, but in fact they're not. Anyhow idol is just a manifestation or representation of the god. Idol is just a medium, to convey your worship through, to focus upon…"

     Gutman's response: Your statement, "idol is just a medium" is the perfect definition of idolatry. G-d is One and Infinite and without form. Shalom

     His response: Absolutely sire, god is one, he appears on time to time, to lead the path of truth. I believe we can't simply understand him with our limited perspective. Shalom Namaste

     Gutman's conclusion:  The Hindu has shown no signs of change! Not at all. Even when they say all their gods are one, they still worship idols, forms, mediums thinking they are "reaching" their god that way.



  1. This post is included in A Jewish Grandmother' Blogging Isn't Dead. Take a look and meet more bloggers.

  2. Also, the Ten Commandments starts off with the most important commandment of having no other gods (worships) than the G-D of Creation and this is a commandment for 'all mankind'. Idol worship is the number one 'NO, NO' for all humanity.

  3. Agreed. It's avodah zorah. I spoke about this on Shavuos. There are some of the idols that they leave rice and other foods for in case their god sic gets hungry. Hungry?! Shaking my head...

    1. I think also it’s like lahavdil a korbon . They want to give something to their god


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