Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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A Life Changer

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
    A Life Changer


     He is a sculptor and was visiting Israel from Albania. He got into a conversation with us at the tefillin stand and it turns out that his mother, who was from Istanbul, was a Jew. A life changer.

     I put tefillin on him and showed him how to open his heart. He left and like all the others we are blessed to help, he went off on his own way.

     Do these tefillin experiences at the Kotel change anyone, or are they just momentary tourist attractions? Photo-ops? Here is what he wrote to Shmuli a few days after he left.


    Dear brother Shmuli,

Greetings from Tirana (Albania).

I am very overwhelmed and at once emotional by my first visit at the wall. G-d welcomed and blessed me openly with the opportunity to meet my brother of our strong nation. Sincerely, I still feel like I'm there right next to that sacred wall, which from now on is my house of soul and heart. I came shy and unconfident at the Wall because I unfortunately know very little about our belief. However after the conversation with you I really felt like in the middle of my family and my brother, whom for the first time made me experienced Bar Mitzvah. 

Wishing you endless happiness

Adi Dule


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