Thursday, January 31, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks  


     A boy from a local yeshiva stopped me on my way to the Kotel yesterday and asked, "How do I stop the suffocation?"

     I didn't understand his question, "What do you mean?"

     He said, "My mind… Sometimes I feel like I am suffocating…how do I clear my mind?"

     I said, "You don't!"

     "You don't?"

     "No… you point it."

     It took him a few seconds to understand my answer, but then he smiled with huge relief.

    There is a long-standing mistake in many meditation systems, and in confused, or anxious people. They think that before they can move on, they have to clear their minds. This is wasted effort at best, and even if you could do it, is not the goal.

     All we have to do is to point our mind in the right direction, and every time it goes off again, back into its troublesome, even suffocating ways, we simply point it in the right direction again so we will accomplish what we want to do.

    We do not want to kill the animal inclination. We want to train it to become a useful animal so it will help us accomplish what we have been sent here to do.


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