Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks


     Some Chassidim call outreach workers lamplighters. This is alright with me as it is a fairly good way to explain what such Chassidim do. But the fact is that outreach workers are not really igniting a flame. They are cleaning the glass that is in front of the flame, so its light will be able to shine out into the world.

     Every day we thank G-d saying, "The soul you have given me is pure…" Whether we are aware of its unique presence or not, every Jew has a holy soul that wants to serve its Master, the Holy King, from where it comes.  

     It is the goal of every Jew to live a holy life. This is our purpose whether we know it or not. We do this by living a life of Torah and mitzvahs. One of the Torah's commandments is that we are to help our fellow pick up his fallen donkey. This is true if it is his physical donkey that has fallen, and it is true if it is his spiritual soul that has fallen.

     A fallen soul is like a lamp whose glass cover has become soiled. Even though the flame is still burning brightly its light cannot come out into the world. The Jew's holy soul is already burning brightly. We just have to help its light to come out into

the world.


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