Tuesday, January 01, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks


     When idolatry first began the idolaters thought that they had a valid reason to make their idols. They mistakenly thought, since Hashem is so, so wonderous, and so, so above all of us it is impossible to focus on Him Himself, so they thought to make something to represent Hashem (G-d forbid). Then they would hug and kiss that statue saying it is only a tool to satisfy their need to know G-d. Later, it sunk even further, and the statues became their actual gods!

     Certainly, they were entirely wrong in their thinking, but how do we answer their question? How can we serve and love and even "kiss" Hashem since He is so, so beyond all?

     This is why Hashem gave us His Torah. The mitzvahs are our way to love Him. By doing a mitzvah and directing our hearts to Heaven it is as if we are hugging our Father, our King, our Creator. Indeed, the mitzvahs are a wonderful gift to those who want to love G-d.


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