Thursday, January 10, 2019

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Equal Rewards?

   by Reb Gutman Locks  
             Equal Rewards?


     The reward a Torah scholar receives, and the reward a struggling student receives are the same, as long as they both do as much as they can.

     "We learned that both the one who does much and the one who does little are equally rewarded provided that each directs his heart toward Heaven"[i]

     When a Jew offered up an expensive cow in the Temple, it was a sweet aroma to Hashem. If they offered up a little sheep, it was a sweet aroma to Hashem. Even if they offered up flour it was a sweet aroma to Hashem. But all this was on the condition that the one making the offering directed his or her heart to Heaven.[ii]

     These sources teach; one who does more, and one who does less receive the same reward.

     How can this be? Doesn't it seem unfair that the ones doing more or giving more receive the same share as the ones who are doing or giving less?

     The answer is, as long as we do, and give with a full and good heart the reward is so very great that no matter how much we do, or how much we give, the reward will be way beyond our merit. Even if we do a tremendous amount while we are here in this world, what we will receive in the Next World will be far more than we earned.

     Obviously, we have to do the physical things required in order to gain entrance to the Upper World, and, yes, we certainly have to direct our hearts to Hashem, but even after doing these things, we ourselves do not open the Upper Gates. Those mystical gates open from the top down, from the Higher to the lower… only by His mercy.


[i] Gemora Berachos 17a

[ii] Mishnah Menachot 13


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