Thursday, December 27, 2018

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What Works?

   by Reb Gutman Locks

What Works?


     Daniil wants to know: Teach me; how do you convince them to put on tefillin. I could use this in my "campaigns."

     Gutman's reply: Everyone is different, so you never know what might work or what won't work. Often, we have to try a few different things.

Obviously, find out if he is Jewish first, or do not put tefillin on him.

    Here are a few things that might help.

    Number one, do not ask, "Do you want to put on tefillin," because he probably doesn't or he would have already put them on that day. Actually, his Jewish soul wants him to put them on, but his animal inclination doesn't know it.

     Instead, say; Come put on tefillin.

     If you see that he is being negative, quickly add something like, It will only take two minutes. Come, I'll help you. It's a good thing. Come. And reach out with your hands to bring him in. And smile.

     Don't expect them to be so ready to put on tefillin. If they were so favorable, they most likely would not need our help.

     Another very important thing; when you get him to put them on, make sure that they have a good time doing it, so they will want to do it again. Don't just give them mechanics in a language that they do not understand!

     They will have an enjoyable experience if you show them to read the Shema, in a language they understand, and then explain how doing a mitzvah brings a "Time of favor," a time when Hashem, so to speak, listens with both ears. Have them take advantage of this and pray for their loved ones, the Jews in danger, their personal needs, have them say thank You to Hashem. Help them to learn to talk to G-d in their heart.

     Some other things that can work, depending on where the Jew is holding; Come, it's a mitzvah. It doesn't cost money. You can help Jews in danger by doing a mitzvah and praying for them. I've gotten tough Israelis by holding the tefillin piece by my ear like a telephone and saying, "It's for you. Someone wants to talk to you." They sometimes laugh and come over to me.

     And even if you didn't get him, you softened him up for the next guy to bring him in.



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