Tuesday, December 25, 2018

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Seeking Comfort

    by Reb Gutman Locks

Seeking Comfort


Yaakov wrote;

Hi Reb Gutman,

     An xian friend of mine said "find the shalom that comforts any and every situation"

       I was stunned at the meaning of this. I thought it was great.

       He is an old friend. not trying to convert me at all.  But then I thought, wait... is this from a xian thing in their book?

       So, I looked it up and apparently there is a quote about yashkie 'comforting' his followers (lehavdil) and shalom.

      So it bothered me... that such a meaningful statement... I cannot use because it has an xian source.

     What do you suggest about this?  Finding shalom in every situation is good because it's Hashem..   even being comforted by it is good, but for me, with my particular very bad sensitivities to xianity, I have to be careful.

    What do you think or suggest?


Gutman's reply:

     You are right to be careful of such things. A Jew must get all his or her spiritual teachings only from a proper Jewish source. Even if we would find something seemingly wise from other sources, if we would praise that idea, we will later come to praise even the bad things they say.

     Remember, this is referring to spiritual teachings from the Nations, not physical, i.e. scientific concepts.

     So, for instance, seeking comfort in every situation… comfort can come from drugs or perfume that hide the cause of the pain. Better than comfort in every situation being the goal, let's find the solution for whatever situation we are in. Hashem sends those discomforts to teach us something.

      As for finding "the shalom in every situation," you are right we want to find Shalom (Hashem's name) in every situation, i.e. seek Hashem everywhere. He is our source of comfort. It makes a huge difference in your daily life, in your awareness, if your goal is to find Hashem in your life or if it to merely seek comfort.

Be well



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