Sunday, December 09, 2018



    by Reb Gutman Locks 


      One of the prayers we say when we bless the upcoming New Moon requests that we should have a month of "yiras Shamayim and yiras chet." This means a month in which we experience fear of Heaven (Hashem) and fear of sin.

     But why would we want to experience the same feelings towards Hashem as we do towards sin? Surely, they are completely opposite!

     The answer is that there is higher level fear and there is lower level fear.

     Lower level fear is what we experience when faced with danger. We are afraid of what might come and harm us. We want to be fearful of sin, i.e. careful not to even come close to having such a dangerous thing happen.

     Higher level fear is not fear at all. Even though it is the same word, when addressing fear of Hashem, we are not afraid that we will be hurt. Higher level fear is awe. We are requesting a month in which we experience the higher Awe of Hashem. This comes from the revelation of His Presence, the Shechinah, and this can only come in spiritual joy.

     May we all be blessed with this highest spiritual joy possible.


  1. I alawys considered it to be more like the fear of disapointing a parent or loved one, in this way, one to would be afraid of sin, because they would fear that by sinning they are dissapointing God by thier choices. Thoughts?

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  3. This is exactly how the Maggid of Kosnits explains it. [I think Reb Gutman has explained it that way in a previous post.]


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