Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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    by Reb Gutman Locks

Kelly asked:

     Rabbi, I want to ask you a question. When you're confused, lacking clarity, and need direction but don't know who to turn to or trust, what do you do?


Gutman's reply:

    When confused; sit and relax, breathe slowly and listen to some calming music for a while. Put off making any major decisions. Take the moment by itself.  

     Then, when things have calmed down somewhat, ask Hashem for guidance and see what has to be done first. Take care of the daily things, the things you do every week. When you need advice ask the ones who are specialists in that field, i.e. ask a contractor about renovations, a doctor about symptoms. Get two opinions and see if they agree.

     I always ask Hashem to open the door wide that I am supposed to go through, and to slam the door hard on the things I am not supposed to do. Then, when the door opens a little, I move slowly in that direction. When the door slams hard, I thank G-d, and turn the other way.

     Life is a series of ups and downs. When we are up, we thank G-d and keep on going. When we are down, we pick ourselves up, brush off the dirt, and see how to go on without falling.

     A general rule, whenever you are down and want to be picked up, go help pick up someone else, and Hashem will pick you up right away. When you are confused, you can still help someone else to do some routine task, and when you do, you will see which way you are supposed to go, too.


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