Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Take Your Jewish Blood Pressure

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     When I call out for Jews to put on tefillin at the Kotel I sometimes say, "Come take your Jewish blood pressure." It makes them laugh and can warm them up to the idea.

     Now, guess what? Science is catching up with me.

     The studies report, "Jewish men who wrap leather straps around their arm as part of their daily morning prayers may also be protecting themselves from the worst effects of heart attacks, a study found." 

    "Israeli studies have shown that Orthodox men have a lower risk of dying of heart disease compared to non-Orthodox men."   

     They think it has to do with the strap briefly restricting blood flow and oxygen to the heart and then restoring it.

     I bet it comes from doing mitzvahs.

     Not only is taking your physical blood pressure good for you since it lets you know what is going on inside your physical heart, so is taking your "Jewish blood pressure" good for you since it helps you to understand what is going on inside your spiritual heart.

     Stay healthy. Put on tefillin.



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