Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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First Time

   by Reb Gutman Locks
     First Time


     He was visiting from Texas. He is 77 years old and had never put on tefillin before. When I asked why he had never put them on, he said that he had tefillin at home, that his father bought them for him for his Bar Mitzvah, but he never put them on, not even for his Bar Mitzvah. Oy!

     He had a good time doing the mitzvah, and especially enjoyed praying for his loved ones. Mitzvahs can be so enjoyable when they are done properly.  

     Why do some 80% of the American Jews refuse to identify themselves as Jews? Either they have been "turned off," or they have never been "turned on." If you know any of these Jews bring one home for Shabbos dinner. You might save his or her life.

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  1. Or you could ignore some one in search of help. Not give them the chance of day to fully explain, or even care enough to pay attention if they try. Leave them to fend on thier own. Of course, this wouldnt be the good thing to do.


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