Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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Where Is G-d?

    by Reb Gutman Locks
      Where Is G-d?


     A non-Jewish tourist came up to me at my tefillin cart saying he was a Bnei Noah. A Bnei Noah is a non-Jew who keeps the Seven Commandments of Noah. This makes them righteous people, and it gives them a good life in this world and a share in the World to Come.

     I asked him my "test" question. This is the question I almost always ask goiim when they come up to me, "Where is G-d?"

     He immediately answered, "Everywhere!"

     I slapped him on his shoulder and said, "Good for you. You guys are great."

     Virtually every time I ask a x-ian this question he will answer, "In Heaven."

     Then I ask, "Is He in hell?"

     They always answer, "No way."

     Then I point out to them the Psalm that says G-d is everywhere, even in Hell.

     Since they believe that that man of theirs is their god, and according to that myth, he was in his grave for only three days and then "he went to Heaven," they cannot answer that G-d is everywhere.

     If you ask a Hindu this question he might answer, "Which god are you referring to? There are many gods!"

     A Buddhist might answer, "It's your call. Since everything is an illusion, a dream that doesn't really exist, it doesn't make any difference.

     A Jew, and I am happy to say also the genuine Bnei Noah, know that Hashem is Infinite, and that the Infinite by definition, has to be everywhere.  



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