Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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Mystical Comments

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Rafael emailed...

Dear Reb Gutman & Reb Akiva,

I've been a regular reader of Mystical Paths for many years and appreciate every holy word you publish. But something very disturbing is happening now, apparently without your intervention: there's a crazy 
commenter that has
 been posting long comments full of kfira, mentioning all sorts of avodah zarah and even stating he's "one of our messiahs" (sic). 

I've checked the link he provided and it's a real salad mixing Judaism with Eastern idolatries and Xtianity - some texts on his blog are really scary! And he calls himself "more than Orthodox" (sic)...

I've tried to warn you by posting on the comments section, but it seems the blog has been left without previous moderation, so anyone may publish whatever he wishes. It's a very dangerous situation that you must correct immediately.

Your precious Torah blog has been used by this crazy person as a high-audience platform to publish his confused pseudo-Jewish blabber who may lead astray many Jews who are ignorant of the pure, non-contaminated Torah.
In summary, I kindly request you to take immediate action and erase all comments made throughout the recent days by this person, and if possible, to block him from his missionary campaign taking advantage of your readers base.


Dear Rafael,

Thanks for emailing directly, as well as Reb Gutman for emailing me about the importance of the issue.  I definitely haven't had much time to devote to Mystical Paths in the past year, and had previously loosened comment control as I felt that Google was making it overly difficult to comment.

I agree with you about the comments you pointed out, and a few others as well.

So I have removed anonymous commenting, deleting some questionable comments, and (temporarily) instituted comment moderation.  For those that appreciate commenting on Mystical Paths, I apologize for the overhead and inconvenience this will cause and hope you will push through it and comment.

If I caught anyone's comments in my quick sweep, I apologize for being over zealous.  

Mystical Paths is dedicated to a traditional orthodox halachic Torah approach to Judaism, while discussing it's chassidic, kabbalistic and spiritual and mystical aspects.  Anything out of those bounds will be rejected... which doesn't mean different takes can't be argued.

Thanks for reading!  And may Hashem bless all our readers with a good and sweet year with Rosh Hashana coming soon!


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