Sunday, August 05, 2018

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Is it a Burden?

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Is it a Burden?

     A young Jew from Amsterdam came up to me at my tefillin cart. He said he liked my YouTube videos very much. After a while, he asked me if he should try to bring the Jews he meets in Amsterdam to do mitzvahs.

     He said, "I don't feel to do it because I don't want to burden them."

     I told him, "Because the mitzvahs are a burden to you, you do not want to share them with others. If you knew how wonderful the mitzvahs really are, you would be on the street looking for Jews to share them with."

    This is probably the single most major mistake religious Jews make. When they hear that we are to accept upon ourselves the yoke of Torah they picture a sweaty animal tied to a yoke and straining to pull a heavy load!

     But the simple reality is, the Torah does not come to give us a burden. The Torah comes to take away a burden.

     With or without a Torah life we still have to plough the field of daily living, but without the Torah guiding us our animal instinct tells us where to go… and it drags us along with it looking for all the things that animals like.

     But, when our goals are aligned with Hashem's wishes for us our lives are spent looking for holiness in the physical world. When you serve your Creator, life is a joy… an uplifting experience if you do it right.


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