Thursday, August 23, 2018

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I’m a Hero!

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
      I'm a Hero!


     I hurried out of my apartment on my way to go daven. There was a Mommy with a baby carriage, a tiny girl on one side and a bigger little girl on the other side. They were all looking back down the street at their two "bigger" brothers who were maybe 5 or 6 years old. Mommies take a long time to go anywhere, and this one seemed to be stuck waiting for whatever the boys were up to.

     When I walked by the boys they said something to me while pointing to a tall bush growing next to the building. I couldn't understand their tiny voices, but they pointed again to the bush, and they squeaked whatever it was they wanted.

     I had no idea what the problem was. I looked up at the bush, and I told the boys that I didn't see anything there.

     One of the boys motioned for me to come stand over where he was, and he pointed up at the bush again. I went over and from there I could see a tiny part of their ball that was stuck high up in the bush.

     The boys held out two options for me to choose from, a heavy chain with a lock, or a bicycle tire. I chose the bicycle tire. I threw it up at the top of the bush really hard, but I missed it completely. It didn't come near where I wanted it to go. It hit the wall and fell to the sidewalk. No one was happy. I picked it up and tried again.

    OY! The tire got stuck on the top of the bush. Now the kids lost their ball and their tire, too. Yuck!

     But the bush was still shaking from the tire hitting it… and the tire fell to the sidewalk. Thanks for at least that much. But then, the bush… still shaking a little… and guess what? The ball fell to the sidewalk. Hooray!

     Everyone yelled…happy. The boys grabbed their ball and tire and ran after their Mommy who I could see had a huge smile.

     What a happy moment. B"H, the boys got their ball, Mommy could get the kids home, and I was going to daven right after having done a very nice good deed.

     Making people happy makes you happy. You want to be happy? Go help someone else to be happy…it's automatic.  


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