Tuesday, August 07, 2018

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   by Reb Gutman Locks


      A very nice, young, non-Jewish man from Brazil came to talk with me at the Kotel. He waited several hours for me to arrive. He had what he thought was a major problem, or problems, and he wanted to discuss them with me.

     He said, "I believe that G-d is infinite, but I do not know if I believe in the Torah."

     I told him, "You do not have to believe in the Torah. All you have to know about the Torah is that G-d told Noah to keep the Seven Commandments. The rest of the Torah wasn't given to you."

     He said, "But I want to feel my soul and I do not feel it."

     I told him, "You don't want to feel your soul, you want to become more aware of G-d's presence. You want to become more spiritually aware. The single most effective way for you to become more spiritually aware is for you to help others to know that G-d is one, and that He is infinite… so they stop worshiping idols, limited gods. If you will help others to learn this, G-d will be very happy with you."

     We spoke for some time and I told him over and over again how helping others spiritually was the solution to his spiritual problem. If helping others this way would become his spiritual life's work Hashem would be very pleased with him and treat him lovingly in this world, and in the next World, too.

     Whenever you are down, and you want to pick yourself up, go pick up someone else, and Hashem will surely pick you up.


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