Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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A Great Kid

   by Reb Gutman Locks

A Great Kid


      This Israeli was too tough for me. He wouldn't listen no matter what I said.   

     "Come, put on tefillin."


     "It doesn't cost money."


     "It doesn't hurt."


     "Only one minute…"


      Finally, I said to the little boy, "Tell your father to put on tefillin. Pull him over."   

     The kid caught on right away. He grabbed his father's hand with both hands and pulled as hard as he could. The boy couldn't move his father, but just lifted his hand and arm a little when he pulled. His father laughed. He pulled more and more, and I pulled the boy, so he would pull even harder.

    The father gave in and I put tefillin on him. He had a good time. He read the Shema and the boy read most of it, too. I had him give the boy a blessing. His wife, the boy's mother, took pictures from where the ladies stand, and she sent the boy's younger sister over so the father would bless her, too. The father told me that it was the boy's birthday.

     I told the boy how good he was and that the mitzvah of his father putting on tefillin was only because of him pulling him. I explained that on our birthdays Hashem listens to our prayers and that he should give me a blessing. He slapped my open hand…a sign of friendship.

     They walked away very happy… the family had a loving time thinking about Hashem and their love for each other... thanks to that great little kid they have.


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  1. Warning: the comment made on August 16, 2018 12:17 AM contains a link to content that is apparently Jewish - as the commenter said - but upon checking some of those texts, we may establish that the "Truth" is mixed with concepts which are totally foreign to Torah, for instance attributing any amount of holiness and truth to other religions which perform avodah zarah, and several other mistakes. One of the many troubling statements I found reads that "Continuing from the last post, the teaching of both can also be summarized into these three words: in Buddhism, it is Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha; in Judaism, it is God, Torah, and Israel (The Messiah/ Christ" etc. etc.)
    Such heresy is sufficient to disqualify totally all the content as what they call "messianic" and also a bizarre mix with Eastern idolatry.
    I strongly advice my dear Reb Gutman to erase such comment and block the commenter from posting anything that could lead Jews away from the pure, non-contaminated Torah.


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