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Watch Out!

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Watch Out!


     Four America Jewish men and a fourteen-year-old boy were visiting the Kotel. They walked by ignoring me trying to bring them in to put on tefillin. A little later one man brought the boy over and let me put tefillin on him. He was a very nice boy. I gave him the Shema in English and sent him to pray for his family. The men strongly refused to put on tefillin.

    Some time later, three of the men were walking out and I stopped them and tried again. One of them asked, "Will you take a Torah test?"

     I answered, "If you will put on tefillin I will take your Torah test."

     Something didn't seem right, the way he looked at the other man who was much tougher. I put tefillin on him and he started to ask me questions. I answered all his questions, but the other guy tried to argue against whatever I said.    

     Soon the boy and father came back, and I talked the father into putting on tefillin, and had him bless his son. He could read Hebrew, but something seemed wrong. They walked off with tefillin on and they took a lot of pictures.

     They came back and he said, "You're good at this."

     I answered, "I have been doing it for 4,000 years." (…referring to Avraham's life of reaching out to guests to teach them about Hashem.)

     Then I asked him what he did. He mumbled a little but then said, "I am a minister."

     "A What!" I yelled.

     He said, "A minister of teaching Jews about the bible and yushke."

     Obviously, he didn't use the word yushke which is derogatory, but used yushke's Hebrew name.

     I said, "You're out of your mind."

    Then I said to the boy, "Don't listen to your father. He is totally wrong about this."   

    They took off the tefillin and left.

    Now I realize that they are here with a group of other "Jews for yushke" trying to spread that evil idolatry to unsuspecting Jews!

    Here are just a few things Jews should know to knock off any of their arguments.    

    G-d is infinite. The Infinite is everywhere at all times. Psalms says Hashem is in Heaven and the deepest earth. Their book of idolatry says that after yushke was buried he left his tomb on the 3rd day and went to heaven. If that would be true, then they are teaching that he is not everywhere---don't worship him! Worship the Father, the King Who is everywhere.

     Their book quotes yushke saying, "If you can't tell what kind of tree it is, look at its fruit." The fruit of that man has been more Jews have been murdered in his name than in any other name in history!"

     They like to say he was the Messiah. The Messiah must be from the tribe of Judah, King Dovid's tribe. To be from the tribe of Judah a Jew's father must be from the tribe of Judah. That book of theirs says that yushke's father was a spirit, a "holy ghost"! There are no ghosts in the tribe of Judah so that man cannot be the Messiah.   

     On and on, their book is filled with nonsense that they believe with all their heart. They are told if they even begin to doubt they will burn is hell forever! There are dozens and dozens of these types of total foolishness that they believe in. It is our responsibility to educate Jews how to defend themselves from this poison.   

     Here are the links to my videos on this subject. Learn the answers and share the links.


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  1. Also, you should ask them more questions before putting any Tefilin on them. Israel is being inundated with these kofrim and avodah zoraniks of all kinds. There is a war against the Ribbono Shel Olam and His children. They should not be allowed entry into Eretz Hakodesh.

  2. If their mother is Jewish they are Jews and should put on tefillin no matter what they believe. The mitzvah could possibly wake them up.

  3. I ran into one of these characters today, near Binyan Clal on Yafo St. He and 3 of his colleagues were trying to get people to watch Sid Roth videos. You should know that SID ROTH is a media producer (and interviewer) who works for yuskhe. Seems like there's a big campaign going on right now.


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