Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Should We Go Up Onto the Temple Mount?

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Should We Go Up Onto the Temple Mount?


     Many years ago, on Fridays, I would go up to the guard shack that is on the roof next to the top of the Kotel. I'd go to put tefillin on the guard there. While he would read the Shema, I would take off my shoes and go stand on the dome of that building which is just across from the golden dome and maybe half as high. I think that the dome where I would stand is actually a little over the lower levels of that part of the Kotel.

     Wow! What a place to stand and look for Hashem's Presence. The best in the world! At least it's the best place in the World where we are told we can go today.  

     But shouldn't we go up onto the Temple Mount itself? Aren't some Jews and some rabbis saying it is time to go?

     How can I decide? Should I follow my heart? What I want? Should I follow those who say it is time now?

     I am not on such a level that I can make this decision myself. I have to look to the leaders of our times and see what they say.

     The Baba Sali the most famous miracle worker in our days did not go up. Rav Kadduri the famous mekubal did not go up. The famous Rav Ovadia Yosef did not go up. And the Lubavitcher Rebbe said it is a sin to go up now.

     So, I ask, what do I have to gain by going up now, and what could I be losing?

     I think I will have to wait… Yuck!  



  1. My friend. Think on this, we have struggled for so long, all lost so much. Is it time? If no, then when? When the whole world is in flames? When the people are crying in the streets, children orphined? If it is in your heart to do so, do so. If not than do not. If you are only reaching towards good, will God smite you? Is this the God you know and love? And if it is wrong, would He not simply smile and slap your wrist? Is Heaven not worth the risk?

    1. And Arron's sons who offered up the wrong offering...what came of that? And what if you touch the ark even meaning well...what comes from that? If you are walking on the Holy of Holies... you who are not the High Priest... while you are unclean from tumah of the dead, and are ignoring that, then it seems you should look to the greatest people of our generations and take their advice instead of following your heart.

    2. If that is what you believe, then does it not show whats in your heart that no it's clearly not time, at leadt for you?

  2. All of Reb Locks videos and blogs teach valuable lessons from Torah: marry a Jewish girl, lay tefillin, pray only to HaShem, listen to our Torah scholars and more. These seemingly simple words of advice answer the question, "Do you want to have a happy life?" . Don’t argue with answers given to you as a gift by a humble and learned Jew. Go and learn Torah for yourselves, to find out "why".

  3. The people who do go up there are not ignorant.
    They sincerely believe that they are helping bring Moshiach, and are careful to walk in places which are not where the Holy of Holies could be.
    So I do not criticise them.
    Personally, I have been up once, when I was a young child so had no idea what the implications were.
    I walked around the paved plaza, but did not go into the Dome of the Rock even though an Arab offered to take myself and my family in.
    I think this was a blessing that we did not go, as it could well be where the Holy of Holies was.
    I know Rabbis who say we can go up, and I respect their learning. I know Rabbis who say we cannot go up, and I respect their learning too.
    As things stand, I will err on the side of caution and not go up.
    But I think Hashem allows some people 'special conditions" to go up.
    If the Arabs riot and cause danger to Jews, or store weapons there, then I think the soldiers, police and border guards get a "special permission" from Hashem to be there to quell the rioting, as I believe Hashem loves his people.


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