Thursday, July 26, 2018


Positive Thinking

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Positive Thinking


     A new study shows that cancer patients benefit from positive thinking, it can boost their survival rate. They found, "Cancer treatment should include positvie emotions as this could be of great help in fighting cancer."

     When we look at the negative things going on in our lives, which all of us have, we become negative, down. When we look at the positive things we have going on in our lives, as all of us have, we become positive.

     Your mindset, your mental health, and now they say your physical health too, is your call…it is entirely up to you.

     There is an old Yiddish saying that has been teaching this lesson for centuries; "Think good and it will be good."



  1. But if after all the good thinking and positive thoughts ... still sometimes have to accept and deal with inevitable reality. It's called life, and there is no point in causing ourselves even more pain by saying we had not been positive enough should things still not turn out right.

    1. Annoymous you write so true...

      Sometimes we gave to accept, and if it makes us angry or sad... its okay too... as Gd made us all with our own unique way, in all we feel, and all each had their good, bad and also ugly.. ways, and thinking.. in our emotions.

      And, also animals do... too... this i firmly believe, meaning, animals suffer pain and emotions too.

      Hashem help all.. Amen.

      S. croning


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