Tuesday, July 03, 2018

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Elevating My Mistakes

   by Reb Gutman Locks  

Elevating My Mistakes


     A mashpia (spiritual mentor) in a Chabad Yeshiva wrote:

     There is this guy from Colombia: He is around 55 and a dentist. I met him at the yeshiva last night. 

     He said, "Do you really know the guy that stopped the elephant?"

     As it turns out this guy has been heavily into Hinduism for decades. Has seen many of the gurus and has even had them in his house. 

     He winds up watching your video about you and more of your videos on YouTube and it changes his life. He went out and bought tefillin and has now come to the yeshiva. All in the last three months!  One of the yeshiva boys told me that he asked them what he should do with his idols. So, the boy told him to burn them.

     He came over for lunch. Very interesting guy. Can I give him your email?

    You just never know what your videos can do. I would love to see your story made into a full movie. Who knows how many people it could help. 


Gutman's Story Goes to Hollywood


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