Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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    by Reb Gutman Locks



     A Hebrew speaking man in his twenties came up to me at the Kotel yesterday and said that he has been living in Spain for most of his life.

     He said that years ago he saw the video of me speaking with a pastor, "I never knew how to answer the x-ians who would try to convince me to follow their religion. I don't know about these things. But since I saw that video I just use what you said to the pastor and it stops them right away. It has become my basic way of understanding."

    What a wonderful tool YouTube is! He would never have bought a Jewish book in Southern Spain, but the internet reaches all over the world.

Answers to a Pastor


(Video Link)

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  1. Who are the Palestinians?


    Ancient Roman historians identified JEWS as
    the inhabitants of the Land of Israel and Jerusalem




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