Monday, June 11, 2018


The Sin of the Spies and of U.S. Chassidim?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

How can it be that in the week of Parshas Shelach, the Torah portion discussing the spies scouting Israel and returning with negative reports – bad mouthing G-d’s promised land, that the largest chassidic group in the U.S. rents a stadium to meet and bad mouth Israel?

In Parshat Shelach, the people subsequently suffered the punishment of wandering the desert and not being able to enter the land for the sin of listening and not responding to the bad report.  In other words, the sin of not listening to G-d’s words that it was the promised land but listening to the spies words that it wasn’t good.

We cannot make the same mistake.

Israel is the promised land, G-d’s gift to the Jewish people, and the land is very very good.  And that it is under Jewish sovereignty is an awesome blessing.  Jewish sovereignty is not perfect, there are plenty of issues and things that could be better.  But how incredible to stand in the land of our forefathers, to build, grow, work, plant… to be marrying off a daughter (G-d willing in 2 months) who firmly intends, with her chosson, to build a life – the next generation – here in the holy land. 

The Israeli government isn’t perfect, and some parts are unpleasant…just like the government wherever you are.  And some parts are good, and some are even great.  My Canadian and British friends living here in Israel tell me that the Israeli medical system is MUCH better than in their former home countries.  And as an American I can say that the medical system won’t bankrupt you while providing good treatment, and having the ability to pay is simply not an issue – everyone gets care.

The Israeli government has some sins in its past…but those times are gone.  How can the U.S. chassidim rail against Israel and still call themselves Torah Jews?  Do they not realize they give power to the enemies of the Jews and their words may even result in Jews being attacked and killed?

While the Jews of England may be faced with having to teach their children ‘alternative lifestyles’ or close their schools, and the Jews of the U.S. may be to service individuals who intentionally come to their businesses to violate their religious principles, they are railing against the ‘zionists’ because they won’t pay for rabbinical students to learn through 30?  Or because yes, if those students aren’t learning, they may be required to join those who are defending the life and limb of the population…while eating kosher food and being able to keep Shabbos?

Not acceptable by any Torah standard.


  1. Please read my most recent blog post.
    It is only one day old:

    Who are the Palestinians?

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how you made me feel by reading your article.
    Finally, SOMEONE WHO GETS IT!!!!!!!!!
    Bless you in every single individual aspect in your life.

  3. Again, this is Shlomo.
    If I had the money, I would publish this in every shule, every newspaper in the world.
    It's all about yidden putting down other yidden, to make them feel better and holier than everyone else.
    The nazi's did the exact same thing.
    Perfect connection with the spy's.

  4. Reb Akiva please send link of this event. I am in Boro Park among the chasdidim and missed this event. I wish to share with my Litvak husband. Please share a link(s)

  5. This post has been included in my latest blog roundup. Thanks for blogging.

  6. Tremendous, as usual. On the mark!
    Something happens when any group takes their raison d'être too far, so far that they reach the edge of the cliff of appropriateness and emes (truth), and finally fall off.


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