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The Sefirot vs the Chakras

   by Reb Gutman Locks

The Sefirot vs the Chakras


Someone commented: That kundalini is really cool. It reminds me of the sefirot.


Gutman's response:

    Surprisingly, many Jews think that the Ten Sephirot are somehow parallel or related to Hinduism's teachings of chakras. This is a huge mistake and it has caused a lot of Jews to think that yoga and Hinduism's teachings are close to what the Torah says, which is an even bigger mistake.

    The Sefirot are ten modes or attributes through which G-d manifests Himself. Although the Sephirot are usually shown in a design this is done only to explain their meaning. The Sefirot themselves are never in such a formation, but rather are all always in the same place at the same time. The diagram is merely a tool to discuss their differences.

     Hinduism teaches that the charkas are 7 vortexes of energy lying across seven different points on a person's spinal column. They say when the energy passes through them it causes a different spiritual experience as it goes up the spine and out the top of the head.

     It seems those who like to compare the two entirely different teachings do so because they somehow see their diagrams to be similar, which is also not true.

    The important lesson from this is that a Jew must learn all of his or her spiritual teachings from the Torah, and not from Hinduism which teaches there are millions of gods!



  1. People did notice that the spinal cord just looks like a snake, and there all all sorts of gnostic teachings with cross overs to the Veda's from India, and alchemy for example such as in the medical works of Mr. Paracelsus and so on, and indeed to what happened in the Pardes of course.( with the nachas and Chava). But personaly, i always found these kind of teachings to be very confusing. Jewish teachings - as a relative outsider looking at Judaism, learning my way into Judaism, i can say - are much more clear, and make much more sense. And not surprisingly they are backed up by so much more proof, both theoretical as empirical.
    Now, of course especially young people are curious and hungry for spirituality. And they have experienced themselves to greater or lesser extend tthese energy centers in their bodies. Once read on old Mosiach forum that there is a Jewish version of those centers. Of course you can't completly discard the wisdom of the East. But that might be alright for me to discuss with ex Thai girlfriend, that for example, in their tradition the soul of deceased person is present at ceremony, as indeed Jewish tradition holds it. Some things are more or less the same of course ( spiritual truth is the truth) some things are different, some things are polar opposite. So even in my case it is a slippery slope that doesn't lead to that much concrete. But why are proper Jewish folks into this? I read about Tibetan sound scales. Might be something into that too. But where in Torah says it that A Jew needs that? You think Tibet is realy kosher? Think again, you know who was friends with them?
    Anyway, the paradox could be that in Messianic era, which is much more spiritual - i imagine - and we will be much more knowledgable, you don't need the ones like me (chutzpa) to tell you what to do, or not to do. But you will have a real Jewish teacher. But perhaps people will not even have a need to be cured via Kundalini meditation and breathing techniques, although a kosher version might be available. (?) Since they will be happy and healthy and satisfied for most part (?) In meantime, in kinda of a twilight era, i imagine, you have these people looking for stuff. Of course adolescents don't know what he or she is getting into. I did not. Surely G'd wil have mercy on them, once they find out that they were on the wrong path, and wish to return.
    ( non native in english )

  2. It is one thing for non-Jews to go in their paths of whatever, until that awesome day will come when the whole world will realize that there is only H' and His holy Torah which is pure Truth.

    But, for Jews to still run after all the avodah zorahs and myths (which all are taken from the Torah and somehow made into their versions of beliefs and myths) to run after these falsehoods is just mind boggling.

    The Torah is pure Divine Truth and has everything possible to lead the pure and righteous life, but the youth are so indoctrinated with all the false teachings, they can't see Truth. We pray they all do teshuvah.

  3. JAH: G-D gave ten measures of magic to the world; Egypt took nine of them. This is called the impure side which has power but (it's the evil side). We are blessed that H' chose us where we have the Ultimate Truth of everything in our holy Torah. Reb Gutman is correct and we have to disassociate ourselves of every inkling of the impure side. Bilam, the sorcerer, had so much power in his evil black magic, but he knew that when he was asked and paid to curse the Jews, he could not. It is he who wound up blessing us because H' put the right words in his mouth.
    Avraham Avinu gave as gifts to Ketura's children the secrets of these impurities and sent them off to the Far East.
    If your kabbalist praises the chakras (whatever), he obviously is not a real kabbalist, because he lacks the purity of true Torah.

    1. So interesting. Very well. I guess this world was never worth saving in the first place, it's only through God's grace it will be. I'm done being rejected, being told I'm wrong because men tell who God has to be every where I turn.


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