Sunday, June 03, 2018

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Satan and Demon Talk

   By Reb Gutman Locks

Satan and Demon Talk


Rez's comment to my video, Demons:

     Thank you Rabbi for answering my question on your video; Demons. I have been christian for some time now and it's driving me insane with all this Satan and demon talk. Fear! I feel fear and I never understood why God would not just destroy the demons (fallen angels) according to christianity. I don't know that I want to be a christian anymore, but I am afraid to leave. The Jewish faith makes more sense to me than anything I ever understood about christainity but what do I do? Why would God allow yushka to comfort me and to bring me peace and there have been a lot of supernatural experiences that I can't explains either with yushak. Any advice for me? I am afraid to turn my back on yushka If it were not for all the demon talk and Satan which basically makes Satan into a demi god I like christianity. Be blessed Rabbi


Gutman's response:

     If you follow the Seven Commandments of Noah you will be a righteous person, you will have a wonderful life in this world, and you will have a share in the World to Come. G-d gave these seven laws to all mankind through Noah.  

     When one worships an idol, a limited god, such things as demons and evil spirits come into their minds. There is no reason to live this kind of life.

     You can find out more about these laws through such sites as, and you can contact other Bnei Noah (children of) worldwide.

    Hashem bless you to live a peaceful life free from idolatry and fear.


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    Rambam Rejected Childless Messiah:


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