Sunday, June 24, 2018

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No Other

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

No Other


     Since the previous article on Hashem's "concealment" drew so much interest, it seems appropriate to take the conversation to the next higher level.

    The last article discussed the disagreement as to what the Ari meant; that Hashem "contracted" Himself in order to have space to put creation.

     The current disagreement deals with; what is here now that Hashem has made His creation? The Torah says: "Know this day and take it to your heart that the L-rd is G-d, in the Heavens above and upon the Earth below there is nothing else."[i] 

     One opinion holds that this means there is no other god. Another says it means there is nothing significant other than Hashem, so all is nullified to Hashem. And there is a prominent opinion that insists that it really means exactly what it says: G-d is all; Hashem is the existence! "There is nothing else!"

    All agree that Hashem is Infinite, and by definition, the Infinite has to be endless. The problem is, since the Infinite is endless It has to be all. If so, then what is the finite,… the limited creation that we all experience? How can the Infinite and the finite both exist at the same time and place?

     The answer is that the endless Infinite is also the finite. It has to be, or else It would not be all. But since the finite is limited, it cannot be the Infinite!

     Once you identify an object you limit it, you have put borders on it, so you cannot call that object Infinite. Therefore, we have to say that, yes, the Infinite is also the finite, but the finite is not the Infinite.

     G-d is all, and He is beyond all too, but the all is not Him. The Infinite can say I am this little drop too, but the little drop cannot say, "I am the Infinite."

     So, what does the Torah mean when it says, "there is no other." It means exactly what it says, there is nothing other than Hashem.

     All existence, all reality, is the Holy One Blessed is He. He is all, there is no other, and He is beyond the all, too. 

[i] Deuteronomy 4:39 


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