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Look What We Found

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Look What We Found


Doug wrote:

       I want to thank you for your teachings and publicly sharing your personal story. Gutman's Story Goes to Hollywood

     My wife and I are converting. Your short teachings, especially those on G-d being infinite have helped us re-shape our understanding of who G-d is, and how we should relate to Him.  Watching those short YouTube videos blesses us so much that we talk about them throughout the week.  

     Even though we have never met, you will always be a part of our lives.


Gutman's reply:

    I am happy to have been able to help. It is such a shame that so many good people all over the world have not yet found the proper path to serve Hashem. If you know anyone else those videos would help, please send them the links.

     Please G-d we will reach more and more of them.

     If indeed you are converting, which is not necessary to live a righteous life, then be sure that the conversion is approved by the Orthodox Jewish court.

     You are part of my life, too.

Best wishes to you and your family

Be well


Doug's reply:

    Thank you for your reply. I am sharing your videos with everyone I can. As for conversion, I am making certain it will be Orthodox. But is it necessary? I am told it is not, but my heart tells me I have no choice.

    If you will indulge me, will tell you a little of the story. More than 30 years ago, before she died, my grandmother told me that our family is Jewish. Her parents came to the United States and changed their names. I've taken the DNA tests, and yes, there is evidence that I have some Jewish heritage.
     As an adult, I spent time exploring Judaism while still hanging on to christianity by attending Messianic congregations. Every year, for over 15 years my wife and I would conduct Messianic Passovers and try to convert the Jewish people.
     I am very ashamed now of what I did. I have asked for G-d to forgive me. One day, I hope He will allow me to publicly declare the truth and truly help others instead of leading them astray. Now, we are planning our retirement, and are looking for a house in Las Vegas near an Orthodox community. I am praying 3 times every day that G-d brings about our conversion quickly. I look forward, tearfully, for the day that I can put on tefillin. Peace and Blessings, -- Doug

Gutman asked?

     Was it your father's mother or your mother's mother who was Jewish?


     It was my mother's, mother. 



     If you are sure that your mother's mother was a Jew, then your mother is a Jew, and if your mother is a Jew, you are a Jew. If you can prove that your mother's mother was a Jew, then there is no need to convert.



     I am not an emotional man, but I cried when I read this.  Thank you. 

     We will be traveling to Las Vegas in a few weeks to talk with the Rabbi and search for a home.  Whatever the Rabbi says, we will do.

     My wife will need to convert. I want to go through the process with her.  

     We spent so many years in x-tian idolatry.  I want to be very careful in how I come to Hashem; I want it to be done His way.  

Peace and blessings, 




      If you are sure that your mother's mother is Jewish, there is absolutely no need at all for you to go through the process. Of course, be with your wife to help her, but you yourself do not have to convert.  

    You will want to become a specialist in helping Jews to move out of x-ianity, and to host large Kosher Passover Seders to elevate your previous mistakes. Make sure you enjoy returning to Hashem. See this video;

Turning to G-d

Be well

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