Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Is He Contracting or Is He Hiding?

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Is He Contracting or Is He Hiding?


     There is a long-standing disagreement as to the meaning of one of the Ari's deepest teachings, Tzimtzum (contraction). There is even a disagreement if there is a disagreement!

     Most briefly: The Ari taught; when Hashem first created the Universe, since all was just Him alone, filling all, He had to "tzimtzum Himself" in order to leave an empty place to put His creation.

     The question is, do we take tzimtzum literally as seems to be the Litvak understanding; i.e. that Hashem actually contracted Himself leaving a place empty and put the creation there? Or, do we believe as the Chassidim teach; not to take the word tzimtzum literally, and that all Hashem really does is to hide Himself in order for there to appear to be a place where He is not, i.e. the physical Universe, but actually He is still everywhere at all times?

     The main difference in these two understandings is, what is the reality today? Does Hashem, so to speak, stand outside of creation and watch over and control everything from there, or does Hashem actually fill and surround all … that He is everywhere at all times … filling even the lowest physical creation?

      The nature of the physical expansion of the Universe suggests that the Chassidim are right. Scientists say that the Universe is expanding, and it is expanding equally in all directions.

     Now, if you could imagine that Hashem withdrew Himself to one location and big-banged the creation into existence by sending it into the empty space away from the place he withdrew to, then it would seem that the creation would be expanding out away from where He "threw" it from, i.e. away in that one direction.

     But since the Universe is expanding equally in all directions, it suggests that Hashem big-banged the creation from the middle, and that is why it is expanding out in every direction.

     This seems to show that Hashem is right here in the middle of everything.

     Baruch Hashem




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