Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Hey, Yankee Fan!

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Hey, Yankee Fan!


     Even though I called out to him a few times, he ignored me. I called out again, "Come put on tefillin," but he kept on walking by. Then, because of his hat, I yelled, "Hey, Yankee fan."

     He looked over and, I said, "Yankee fan come put on tefillin," and he came right away.

     I guess calling him that made him feel comfortable, I really don't know, but whatever works is for the good.

     I told him my one Yankee line and he loved it. "The last Yankee game I went to was Babe Ruth day. They gave him a car."

     I had him read the Shema, pray for his loved ones, and take a picture to remind him. It's always the highlight of their day. It is their fondest memory they take with them when they go back home.

     It is such a simple thing to give to someone, yet it is so very important for them. You never know how it might change their life, what they will do differently from then on, and you certainly do not know how it might affect their share in Heaven, especially when they open their heart and talk to G-d.


     If you have been blessed to live life loving Hashem's Torah and His mitzvas, then you certainly should share what you have found with others.


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