Thursday, June 14, 2018

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Everything for a Reason

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Everything for a Reason


     The Torah commands everyone who has a zav emission and everyone contaminated by a human corpse "male and female alike shall you expel to the outside of the camp…".[i]

     Then, two lines later tells us, "a man or woman who commits any of man's sins …shall make restitution".

     Why did the Torah change from addressing "male and female", to "man and woman"? What does this come to teach us?

     Everyone with a contagious disease must be sent out of the camp, even if they are not yet adults. However, minors are not yet obligated to make restitution for their mistakes, so the line addressing restitution identifies "man and women," while the line addressing expulsion, which does include minors, addresses males and females to include both adults and minors.

     Such essential teachings learned out from a seemingly insignificant change.

     Every letter in the Torah is here for a reason.

[i] Numbers 5:3


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