Sunday, May 06, 2018


No Way!

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

No Way!


     He's an Israeli. I put tefillin on his brother, but when I tried to bring him in too he refused, "No Way!"

     I tried to pull his arm pretending to be pulling hard but not really pulling him. He laughed, but he wouldn't budge.

     He is covered with very colorful, immodest tattoos, big holes in his ears, several earrings, the works.

     When I asked him, "What's the meaning of all these things?"

     He said, "There is no meaning."

     Senseless, life scarring!

     I took the tefillin off his brother and then as a last resort I tried an old gimmick that I made up years ago that makes them laugh but rarely ever works. I held the tefillin up to my ear as if I was listening to something and I called out to him, "It's for you. Someone wants to talk to you."

     He laughed and then, much to my surprise, he walked over and held out his arm for me to put the tefillin on him.

     A really nice guy, but oh so many lifelong scars, just to say, "I'm different" … if that's the message.

     Jews! We have to try to help everyone of us. You never know what even a small act of kindness will do to help change someone's life.



  1. Tizke to many, many more mitzvot! Good job!

  2. Does anyone know for sure if a small tear in
    the tefillin straps invalidates the tefillin?

    Was Daniel an Orthodox Jew?
    Was Isaiah an Orthodox Jew?
    Was Ezekiel an Orthodox Jew?
    Was Jeremiah an Orthodox Jew?
    Was Ezra an Orthodox Jew?
    Was Nehemiah an Orthodox Jew?
    Refuting the Fans of Vashti:
    Asher Wade: Methodist minister
    who converted to Orthodox Judaism


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