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Idolatry in Tzfat

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Idolatry in Tzfat


Chaim, from Tzfat, (northern Israel), wrote: I just saw this on a popular Tzfat group. What do you think? Actual hardcore avodah zara (idolatry)?


Kundalini Yoga class: Kundalini yoga with the yoga teacher and sound healing therapist. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of consciousness that brings about change in physical, mental and emotional bodies. The class includes body postures (asanas), breathing exercises and meditation with live didgeridoo music. The teacher of Kundalini yoga is also a sound healer with didgeridoo and Tibetan bowls.

Gutman's reply:

    Jews who practice yoga like to say that all the idolatry that is inherent in yoga has been removed, which, as long as they call it yoga, is simply not true. But with Kundalini yoga they cannot even pretend to say the idolatry has been removed because the actual technique is idolatrous.

     Kundalini yoga teaches there is an energy resting at the base of the spine and with their technique you can raise that energy up through the chakras (centers along your spine) and to the top of your head, and you will attain "god-realization." "You will see that you are god and live forever." They call this coiled up power the "serpent power."

     Who in the Torah says the same thing? In the Garden of Eden the snake tells Eve, if you will eat of this tree (that G-d told you not to eat of) you will not die. Your eyes will be opened, and you will be like G-d.

    It's the same serpent, but they call it the way to god-realization, and we call it a snake!


  1. And by the way, and i got this from reading a booklet on this subject;

    This whole realisation of Kundalini energy as they call, or whatever they call it, is not an easy proces. They themselves might tell you not to do it ! Because idea is that all the hidden energy or whatever, the memories often traumatic that are locked in the nerve system (spine (?))and or all the frustrations that caused all the emotinal blockades and what have you. All that, the person is now going to reexperience in order to remove, and become a new healed person. (or something like that, they write whole books about this, and give courses, but this it it basicly) But that could even quite literally cause physicall pain and stress, apart from mental breakdown and so on. Spouse will have hard time to, and wonder what is going on? Yeah, what is going on? So no magic free pass to sexual energy or whatever. It is not. At best nothing will happen, just wasting your time.

  2. Jews are a stubborn lot and no matter how many times you have written how idolatrous Yoga is, they will give all kinds of excuses. Just the idea that it is derived from Hinduism makes it idolatrous and any observant Jew who does not see or want to see it, is, therefore committing a sin. Wake up Yiddelach and listen to Reb Gutman!


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