Tuesday, May 29, 2018


First Time

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

First Time


     He is 65 years old, from London, and this was the first time he had ever put on tefillin. In fact, it is the first time he had ever seen tefillin. When I asked him to put them on and brought him over he started to cry.

     When I began wrapping the strap on his arm he asked, "What is this all about?" He had no idea what the mitzvah of tefillin is, yet he cried when I started to put them on him. I asked him again if his mother was Jewish.

     I explained that we put them on to fulfill the commandment that Jewish men are to take Hashem's words, bind them on our arm and put them as a reminder between our eyes. After the Shema I had him stand by the Kotel and open his heart by talking to G-d. He loved it. He said it was very special to him.

     To me it seems so strange that a Jewish man 65 years-old from London had never even seen tefillin before, but then…, I had never seen them either, not until I came to the Kotel for the first time when I was forty years-old.



  1. Maybe the Very First time a man puts on tefillin might be very moving for him. But for those (most) who have put it on every weekday they needed to, year in year out, I doubt if they truly find it so particularly moving.

  2. If you do it right it certainly is "moving"...


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