Thursday, May 31, 2018

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A Jew Raised as a catholic

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

A Jew Raised as a catholic


     Hello! I have been watching your videos and I have to admit that they are very enlightening, and they really explain everything. I thought you would be a good person to ask. I have been thinking about converting to Judaism since I was 14 and I thought it was just a stage but here I am, 18 years old and still wanting to leave the catholic church. Like you said in one of your videos, Judaism is not a religion, it is a people. Well my mother and her parents are Jewish, but my dad is not. They decided to raise me catholic and send me through 12 years of catholic school. The fact that my mother is Jewish, the real question is "Do I fully convert?" What steps would I need to take in order to leave the church and become Jewish (religiously). And does not having a bat mitzvah effect anything?




Gutman's response:

     If your mother is Jewish, you are a Jew and you do not need to convert.

     "Bat mitzvah" means a "daughter of the commandments". It means that the girl has reached the age of understanding and therefore is obligated to follow the commandments that Hashem has given to the Jewish women. What we usually mean today by the words bat mitzvah refers to the celebration we have when the girl reaches that age. It has nothing to do with making her a Jew. If, as you have said, your mother is Jewish then you are a Jew.

     To leave the church just believe as a Jew believes and not as a catholic believes. For instance; G-d is One and not three. Know that G-d is not as they say, "one god in three persons", but One G-d in all persons.... He fills and surrounds all. He is the Father of all, so we all are His sons and daughters. No one dies for anyone else's sins. Pray only to the Father and not to anyone else…

     What city do you live in? Go to a local Chabad (Lubavitch) House and talk with the rabbi and his wife.

     Ask if you have any questions and let me know what happens.

Welcome home.

Be well,

Shalom from Jerusalem



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