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   by Reb Gutman Locks   



Avi Asked:

     I heard about a phenomenon that supposedly has been documented to have happened to 160000 Buddhist monks called Rainbow body. As someone who spent time in the East is there a Torah explanation on how it could happen?

Gutman's reply:

     There are many "wonders" that happen with magic and the spiritually unclean practices of the East. The Torah testifies that Pharaoh's magicians could do almost all the wonders that Moshe did. When Avraham sent his children that he fathered with Keturah away to the East he gave them gifts. Rashi tells us those gifts were unclean powers. So, we see that such unnatural things could possibly happen.

     This does not mean that those tales of "Rainbow body" actually happened, but it shows us that even if they could happen they would not be what we want.

     "Rainbow body" is said to come to Buddhist monks who spend their lives in meditation and then when they die their bodies shrink and or turn into light.

     Ignoring the world and living a life of fulltime meditation is not our goal… not at all. Neither is light our goal. As beautiful as light is, it is not what we want, not even the Endless Light. There is the orh ein sof (light without end) and there is the Maorh ein sof (The maker of the light without end). Although light was first in creation, glory is higher than light.

     Our attention is towards Hashem, the One Who brings all phenomenon into existence. We strive to elevate the world by using it for good... not to ignore it.

     We are told when an exceptionally righteous Jew dies his body does not deteriorate, and there have been a number of cases when Jew's bodies have been dug up many years after their passing and their bodies had not decayed.

     The body, when used properly is a holy vessel. It has been given to us to use to accomplish our mission in this world. We are to respect it and take very good care of it. Even if we could, we would not want to shrink it and turn it into light.


     To sum up: I have had no personal experience with "Rainbow body" and almost certainly it is not being reported accurately, however I have seen more startling things than this in India as the gurus and magicians use koach tumah (spiritually unclean power) to do such things as to appear to materialize diamonds. The point is those monks died in their souls and minds a long time before their bodies died as they wasted their lives sitting on mountain tops meditating on nothing.



  1. "The point is those monks died in their souls and minds a long time before their bodies died as they wasted their lives sitting on mountain tops meditating on nothing."

    You can be a cruel prick sometimes Gutman!

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  3. Thanks, Reb Gutman, you explained it very well. They have total tumah!
    Always wondered why Avraham Avinu sent away these offsprings with gifts of tumah. Why any Jew would fall prey to Buddahism and all the other isms is still a mystery to me.


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