Tuesday, April 24, 2018



   by Reb Gutman Locks   



     Recently, an insensitive internet personality announced that a Jewish soldier who died in the service of the Jewish people but was not Torah Observant will "Go to Hell when he dies".

     Obviously, his statement drew a lot of loud responses which is exactly why he said it. Some people think that any kind of attention furthers their goal, so these people often go out of their way to say outrageously shocking, rude things.

     That having been said, what is the truth about this IDF soldier who gave up his very life to protect his fellow Jews?

     All of us go through life gathering merits and incurring debts. The debts do not offset the merits, and the merits do not offset the debts. This is the case if we do not turn from those inappropriate actions. But if we turn from such behavior and settle the account then that debt has been paid and no longer brings negative repercussions. In fact, when we repent from a sin we are judged as if we did that sin by accident… and if we turn from it towards Hashem with love, then that negative deed will be looked upon as if it was a good deed since it brought us to such repentance.

     Virtually every Jew, except the entirely righteous tsaddik (righteous) will receive embarrassment for inappropriate deeds, this is called hell, and then will go on to receive great joy… this is called Heaven, for the good things they were able to do while they were here in this world.

    In this world, "…all is vanity except for the pure soul which is destined to give an accounting before the Throne of Your Glory."



  1. It's a shame that these days we find so many extremists, one way or the other, within our people. Either there are, r'l, athiests and leftists (extremists) or there are those from the ultra orthodox (chareidi) communities that are the other extreme. Many of them are so ignorant of Torah, with all their religiousity, that they think they are the only real Jews and their ways and customs (each faction with his own customs) are the only ones that matter and the rest of the 'Jews' are not really Jews, but they think only they are. They have it upside down. There was a time when there was a middle road and most Jews who were not Orthodox were, at least, traditional. Today, the middle of the road almost doesn't exist in great numbers, but the chareidim (many, not all) have become fanatic. B'H, for the kiruv movement where many of the lost Jews are returning to their roots - ken yirbu! The subject character of this post was ignorant of Torah because there is no hell, but just as Reb Gutman writes, the 'embarrassment', which could be 'hell'.
    As far as these IDF soldiers who give their limbs & lives for Bnai Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael, I believe they go straight to Gan Eden. We pray for Moshiach, and that every Jew will do teshuvah and merit the eternal bliss of Gan Eden on earth for every Yiddishe neshamah!

  2. I have prayed for the IDF/Tzahal soldiers thousands of times, and i have strived to persuade others to pray for them also.

    The IDF/Tzahal soldiers deserve our thanks and our prayers 365 days evey year. Those people who attack, or even insult, IDF/Tzahal soldiers are enemies of all Jews and enemies of HASHEM and His Torah, and they will go to Hell.

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