Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Be True

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Be True


Margaret's comment on Becoming a Jew:


     "If you are born into x-ianity, but do not believe God comes in three parts, you have to change.  You must be true to God."


Gutman's reply:

     No one is born into x-ianity. x-ianity is a belief… a religion, not a people. No one is born with a belief. G-d is Infinite. The Infinite has no parts. The Infinite is All. To believe in a god that "comes in 3 parts" is idolatry. Idolatry is not true! Don't do that.



  1. God is comprised of every piece of matter, thought, antimatter, and everything else that exists on both the physical and spiritual planes. Now, there are things that make up more of Him than others, that is neither here nor there.

  2. JAH, No,you misunderstand. The good Rabbi is saying that the belief that G-d is three parts is idolatry. Not that he is not everywhere, but that he is One. He is not human and any other pagan polytheistic belief that people worship!

  3. I do not misunderstand. My statement is stand alone. God is too great to be in any one form, it would over power said vessel. I am greatly aware of this. Thus God exists on a higher plane than can be observed from our eyes. Three parts, nah. God as a being cannot be seperated. There are parts which can be viewed from our plane. Much of these are hidden from eyes that do not belong to Moshiach. And even then, there are parts hidden from him, until God breaks the viel completely.

  4. OK, so as a former non-Jew, I have to say that the sheker was difficult to deal with. The fake stories in the other religion sound wrong, but over time it is a nagging feeling in the back of the mind. The stories go back to early childhood, before we had any semblance of a way to protect ourselves from the world of lies. Please treat the non-Jews who are coming to a realization about truth gently. Help them to learn about becoming Noahides. Help and support conversion if they desire to become a Jew. Hashem threw us all into the world of lies and we have to help each other.

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  6. Ah, see, theres the difference. I'm not Christian, Jewish, Heathen (Norse), Kemetic (Egyptian), Budhist, Rastafarian, or any other religion. Maybe close to Omnitheism, yet with my own beliefs.

    From a young age the Churches turned thier backs against what I believed. I do not blame them. Was it against the Bible? No not entirely. Though I did not know that until recently. Nor do my beliefs go against the Tanakh, that too I learned recently.

    The issue I have is my beliefs go with and against mankind's. For where many believe there is much Evil, I see only the one who has haunted me since childhood.

    Where people believe sinners will perish, I believe the effects of said Evil are "burned" away. While some see reincarnation and others see one life, I see both where both the spirit(the specific life) and the soul (Culmination of lifes) both exist.

    Where people see God's word, I see both God's word and Satan's word to confuse us. Where some believe in one Bible in the world, I view the world as one bible.

    May I be wrong? Yes. Am I a sinner? Yes, by your standards, and my own. Could I be crazy? Yes, I have often considered this.

    Do I believe in God, in His Infinity, in His Might and Glory? A resounding yes, for I have no choice in my Heart. At the end of the day I do not fear death, nor where I'll end up.

    For the one who controls people, the one who currently reigns over the other side. He holds no power over me as when my soul was young. He cannot force me to break down souls for him to have.

    So you may ask if I believe in Jesus. I say does it matter? For even if he doesn't exist there is still light in the Christian Bible, and too there is darkness. The Good will be exalted, the Evil cast down.

    For out of 50 of the lowest level(Satan), to 50 of the highest level(God), I believe 99 levels will remain, and 1 cast aside. I fond the exodus from egypt where they where -49 and still saved to be example of this. For the darkness that follows the light, is not against it.

    For I believe Heaven to be a Universe of Universes, in which we all get to do our Hearts delights without harming anyone, without being against God. For is God not capable of this?

    Yet I see Satan, the fool, for he believes he can defy God, yet he is only a pawn in God's Plan.

  7. See Satan confuse the masses*

  8. JAH - Everything other than Torah Judaism is idolatry. Our Torah was handed down from Moses on to Joshua, the elders. the Sages and the prophets, etc. Every word from the five Books of Moses is literally Divine. There is no mistaking it. Whatever belief system you mention or not, it doesn't matter because, we the Jewish people, cannot accept any manmade interpretations, emotions and feelings of any sort. This matter, according to Torah, is non negotiable. We understand you mean well, but we cannot nor ever will accept anything other than our Torah and all that it teaches and implies.

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