Tuesday, March 06, 2018

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The Land of Milk and Honey

    by Reb Gutman Locks   

The Land of Milk and Honey


     When Hashem praised the Land of Israel He called it a Land of Milk and Honey. Obviously then, milk and honey must be delightful, healthy foods. But wait a minute… before you go out and stock up on them, you better find out exactly what milk and honey Hashem was referring to.

     He was not referring to cow's milk, or bee's honey as you might think. He was referring to the milk and honey that was and is, so readily available in this wonderful Land; goat's milk and date honey. Indeed, goat's milk is much healthy for us than cow's milk, and so is date honey much healthy than bee's honey.

     And to prove His point … that this is a wonderful Land … we who live here live longer, healthier lives than our fellow Jews who have not yet been blessed to come up and live in the Holy Land with us.

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  1. Anyone who doubts that Jews are
    the indigenous people of “Palestine”
    should consider this evidence
    from ancient Roman historians:




    Also, the Bible/Tanach mentions
    Jerusalem more than 650 times. I know
    that this is true because I possess
    computer software that contains the
    entire Bible/Tanach, with
    the ability to search for specific
    Hebrew words, and automatically
    counts the number of results.

    This means NOTHING to political Far-Leftists,
    because they HATE the Bible/Tanach.

    The very first verse of the Hebrew-language
    Biblical Book of Ecclesiastes / Kohelet
    says that King David, [who was King of Israel],
    ruled in Jerusalem.

    Again, this means NOTHING to political Far-Leftists,
    because they HATE the Bible/Tanach.


    Last but not least, if the Jews are NOT
    indigenous to the Middle East, then WHY
    is their language – Hebrew – a Semitic
    Language, that shares many similarities
    with the Arabic language? For example,
    both languages have the rare property
    of being written from right-to-left.

    For more similarities between Hebrew and Arabic,
    go to:



    How to Convict the New York Times
    of Unfair Bias Against Israel:



    Why Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable:




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