Sunday, March 11, 2018


Is Lakewood AntiVax Apikorsus?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

For those who haven't heard, "This week, an email went out asking people in Lakewood to join a “coalition” that will essentially force Lakewood schools to take in children whose parents refuse to vaccinate their children. The email further states that, “this coalition depends on a collective voice and will not be launched until we reach a minimum of 250 families. If you live in Lakewood and have made a decision not to vaccinate your children."

The issue is that, it's said at least, that included in the support of this effort is the senior rabbinical leadership of Lakewood including the Rosh Yeshiva.

Now I haven't blogged in a long time (as a good friend of the blog reminded me in an email a few days ago).  Historically every time I touch the vaccine topic, the comments are immediately flooded with rabid anti-vaxxers who scream a lot but provided very limited or no facts to back up their extremist positions.

And in today's changing polarized society, it would be nice if a nice screaming match over vaccines was the worst societal issue one came across (as opposed to say...gender).

BUT, for leading rabbonim to take extremist anti-medical anti-science life threatening positions is...a bit more than problematic.  Leading your flock towards physical danger is not only prohibited, it's directly warned against in Pirke Avos.

Which leads me to ask...have these rabbonim really endorsed this position or has someone used their name without permission?  Or taken their private or casual conversation or ruling directed to a specific personal scenario and turned it into an unauthorized public pronouncement?  

OR...are these leading rabbonim directly violating Jewish directives?

I'm sure the anti-vaxxers, if they still read this blog, will jump on and scream.  And so will the 'GEDOLIM ARE ALWAYS RIGHT' crowd, even when we have plenty of instances of people making pronouncements in the name of gedolim, and out of context, and a private psak taken as a general public one, and ones where yes, gedolim were wrong.  

But there is a general problem that has developed over the last decade or so in ultra-orthodox Judaism.  The anti-technology trend has turned into an anti-science trend, and that's also led to large portions of the ultra-orthodox public looking for 'spiritual' style healing techniques.  Homeopathy, yoga, energy healing, etc, are running rampant in the frum community.  Because since science must be wrong (about the age of the universe, about the solar system, about the world being a generally rational system) therefore spirituality...of any type...must be right.

And I watch Jewish logic, a Gemora kup, fall apart...the logic that makes Jews great lawyers and great doctors, that allows them to handle complex systems with implicit logic patterns - even into spirituality with Kabbalah and Chassidus, it's all thrown out the window to embrace nonsensical healing and health approaches as long as they're not endorsed by the traditional system.

The same traditional system that's extended life spans the longest in history, that's created cures or at least prolonging treatments for most serious health conditions.  That created sanitation, that reduced maternal death rates and childhood survival rates to all time world highs.

Science is certainly not always right, and the modern health system has many motivations beyond just helping people (such as making money or driving use of a product).  One should investigate, keep their eyes open, and push for their needs.  

But health statistics DO tell the story.  Elimination of childhood diseases via vaccines is one of the wonders of the modern world, and has prevented so much misery and death.  

It would be more than a shame for that to start to return to the ultra-orthodox Jewish community.  It would be criminal and apikorsus.


  1. Believe there is so much opposition to vaccines nowadays because they have been putting in things which could be detrimental and all the problems which we see today did not exist 25-30 years ago to such a degree as today. No one trusts anything anymore and many times, with good reason. Pharmaceuticals are powerful and greed is even greater than it ever was; there are dangerous elements in drugs, vaccines, etc., which have been proven. So, if parents are apprehensive, it is easy to understand why. There are times and certain diseases which need the vaccines for prevention, but everything has become more untrustworthy than ever before, unfortunately. We pray H' protects every child.

  2. Please, seriously, your arguments are preposterous... and don't make sense even from a scientific point of view. You have been brainwashed by politically correct and corrupt sources. Do your homework!

  3. In God We Trust?, ...... or do we put our trust in the big, profit driven pharmaceutical corporations, many of which are run by eugenists? Conflict of interest maybe? If you believe in the efficacy of these vaccines, then you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you are immune to catching anything contagious from those of us who do not. Stingray.

  4. First, any doctor that publishes anything remotely anti-vaccine will come under enormous pressure to retract or face punishment. See this example:

    Second, over 50 doctors have been mysteriously murdered the past couple of years - they were researching vaccines

    Trust the pharmaceuticals at your own risk.

  5. states must pass california law which forbids unvacicnated in school-public private or yeshiva ---else the admin loses money , fines, and ? jail time. let the dads quit work and teach there sons tora at home where they can't infect others...

  6. Nice to see you back :-) Thank you for this post.

  7. I also wrote an article on this topic. Bill Gates is heard on video to use vaccines as a population control Population Control be Informed


  8. What is so scientific about, forcing kids to get an ever increasing amount of vaccines that were NEVER tested against a real placebo, & come with ZERO product liability?


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