Sunday, March 04, 2018

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   by Reb Gutman Locks



     How can we make the long, hard, dirty work of Spring-cleaning enjoyable? Barouch Hashem, the winter is over. Springtime has come. I love it, but the house has not been thoroughly cleaned all winter long. There are corners that were not even swept, under the beds, windows have to be washed, on and on, seemingly without end. It's a mess, and it is going to take at least two or three weeks to do it right.

    It's simple!

    Do it for Pesach…it becomes holy work.


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  1. I would bet that no-one Jewish hundreds of years ago, and before that, cleaned and cleared so thoroughly as we women (mostly) are expected to do nowadays. We have so many detergents, modern appliances and utensils to expect us to do even more. All this heavy toil, that usually takes a good few weeks - ending with exhaustion and stress for a holiday :) that lasts a mere 7 or 8 days. Hardly the festival of freedom, for women at least, is it?


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